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About Port Blakely Tree Farms

Port Blakely Tree Farms owns and manages forestland in Washington and Oregon. We harvest timber, primarily second-growth Douglas-fir, and sell it in the United States and throughout the Pacific Rim.

A Legacy of Stewardship and Innovation

This video conveys how, for nearly 150 years, Port Blakely has forged a path in resource management that reflects our innovative spirit and strong stewardship ethic.



Sensibly Growing the Best Products

After each harvest, the land is quickly replanted, ensuring a new forest grows tall long before the next harvest. Our forest practices have been independently certified as meeting the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, a national program dedicated to forest stewardship. This certification means we protect natural, cultural, and environmental resources, and that we grow more wood than we harvest. 

Of the lands we own, we harvest less than two percent in any given year. When forests grow older, species diversity increases and habitat becomes more varied. Because of our commitment to the environment, the prime soil and advantageous weather patterns in our forests, and our longer-than-average harvest cycles, our products are among the best in the world.

Values and a Philosophy of Stewardship

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Port Blakely Tree Farms, successor to the original Port Blakely Mill Company and founding member of Port Blakely Companies, originated our traditions of integrity, quality, innovation, and stewardship.

These principles are at work in everything we do, from our sustainable forestry practices and our Habitat Conservation Plan to the science-based protections for wildlife and water quality we integrate into every harvest plan. A healthy forest is a productive forest. And while our primary business may be forestry, our first priority is long-term forest stewardship.