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About Port Blakely Communities

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Focusing on the principles of smart growth

Port Blakely Communities, founded in the 1990s, embraces our parent company's values—integrity, quality, innovation, and stewardship—and applies them to the business of real estate.

Working with neighbors, regulators, and elected officials, and in partnership with our region's premier homebuilders, we create residential and mixed-use urban villages. We always begin from the principles of smart growth, so our communities are known for their quality construction, innovative design, Built Green™ ethic, small-town feel, and respect for the environment.

A long-term philosophy

At Port Blakely Communities, we take the long-term view. In one sense, the long view means creating a plan that includes amenities, services, and commercial opportunities that grow as the community matures. In another sense, it means doing what's best for the land, our society, and our company for future generations. Often, that means making significant investments in the short term to achieve more satisfying results over time.

At its core, however, our long-term approach is all about sustainability. We are ever focused on sustaining our individual communities, our society, our environment, and our company.

Given our long-view attitude, our communities are built to last for generations. We want them to reflect well on our company, our employees, and our community. That's why we insist on enduring design, excellent finish, and high structural quality.