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About Pacific Lumber & Shipping

Founded in 1932, Pacific Lumber & Shipping, LLC, is a stand-alone subsidiary of Port Blakely Companies. Well-known and respected, PLS is fully established in the Pacific Northwest with export operations in Longview, Olympia, Tacoma, Everett, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

About PLS / Home Triptych

We have a philosophy of “long term” that grew out of beginnings in forestry where time is measured not in months or years but in decades. That philosophy carries through from generation to generation, so we believe in investing in the communities in which we operate and giving back to those communities for their dedication to, and support of our success. Our youth is our future and assisting in educating the young people of those communities is one way we give back and say “Thank You.”

As part of recognizing the 150th anniversary of Port Blakely Companies last year, we celebrated by giving back. One part of that celebration is our ongoing Pacific Lumber & Shipping Scholarship program for graduating high school students.

Scholarship applications for 2016 graduating seniors will be availalble in winter of 2016.

Log and lumber marketing around the world.

Utilizing full bulk ship charters or smaller shipments via containers, PLS is ready to respond to individual customer demands for logs and lumber to destinations worldwide. Whether it is a full cargo of logs for China or one container of processed lumber for the Middle East, PLS provides superior customer service, timely shipment and consistent quality.

With the support of Port Blakely Tree Farms and our other valued suppliers, we will continue creating value for our customers with long-term relationships both close to home and in international markets.