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Public Access Policy

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Port Blakely Timberlands Temporarily Closed to All Public Access

Prolonged hot and dry weather conditions have raised the risk of forest fires in the region. Until further notice, our forestlands in Washington and Oregon are closed to all public access. This closure applies to foot, horse, motorized and any other form of access.

While we regret any inconvenience this may cause to recreational users, our decision to prohibit access reflects our priorities: safety and the protection of our forests. Port Blakely employees and security officials are monitoring the weather conditions and unauthorized access.

This closure to all traffic is temporary. Regular allowable access will be permitted once the risk of forest fires decreases and forest conditions are considered safe.

Port Blakely Tree Farms Public Access

Port Blakely Tree Farms, LP has a long tradition of opening its private forestlands to the public for recreation. Over the years, our public access policy has been refined to address safety, operation and environmental concerns. Please review this access policy before visiting Port Blakely's forestlands. While we try to keep our gates and entrances posted with current information, access restrictions can and do change without notice.

The following table shows which activities are allowed according to the posted sign. Signs are typically posted at road access points such as gates. If you wish to conduct an activity that is not listed or requires a permit, you may request written authorization through our office at 360-570-1992.

Activities Yellow Sign Red Sign No Sign
Walking, hiking Yes No No
Biking on roads (non-motorized) Yes No No
Horse use on roads Yes No No
Bird and wildlife watching Yes No No
Berry picking Yes No No
Hunting Yes No No
Fishing Yes No No
Driving trucks, cars, motorcycles No No No
Driving ATVs and ORVs No No No
Camp fires, ignition of flammable materials No No No
Target shooting No No No
Biking off road No No No
Removal of fossils, artifacts or minerals No No No
Construction No No No
Camping No No No
Brush picking or removal of other forest products By Permit Only No No
Wood cutting for personal use By Permit Only No No
Any group events By Permit Only No No


 While on Port Blakely property

  • All state laws regarding hunting and fishing must be complied with.
  • Construction is not allowed. This includes trails in forests, plantations, and around gates.
  • Do not block gates. Vehicles blocking gates will be towed.
  • Do not cut fire wood, remove brush or any other forest products.
  • Do not damage trees, roads, gates, equipment, etc.
  • Keep bikes and horses on the roads only.
  • Pack your trash out with you.
  • Report vandalism, garbage dumping and access offenses by calling 360-570-1992.

Please remember that Port Blakely Tree Farms forestland is managed primarily for timber production. While our lands offer many recreational opportunities, they are not parks and not publicly owned. Please be considerate and respectful of these lands and the other users so that we can continue to keep our lands open to the public.

Violators will be prosecuted.

We will work with local and state law enforcement to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.